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irs tax audit

irs tax audit help

Have you been notified by the Internal Revenue Service that it will be auditing your income tax returns? Audits can be an intimidating experience but you do have rights. One of those rights is to hire a tax attorney to represent you during the process. We can help.

Why is your tax return being singled out for examination? It is random? You may be getting audited based upon the tax deductions that you took  on your income tax returns. Often, is it based upon your reported income not matching up with your 1099s or W2s  submitted by your employer or others.

How We Can Help

You can give your tax attorney at the Tax Problem Law Center the authority to meet with auditor; present your records in the most favorable light; and advocate on your behalf. The process often begins when you receive the audit letter.

Meetings with the auditor

When you give power of attorney to our tax law firm, we will contact the auditor to arrange for a meeting  or phone conference with the auditor.

From the point in time that you assign us your tax matter, we will take over all communications with the IRS. We will ensure that all responses for requests for information are made in a timely manner. We will also apprise you of all developments during the audit process.

Presenting records 

We will advise you of the necessary records to substantiate your position. If you made mistakes on your tax returns, we will work with the auditor to make any necessary corrections. We will also present your actions in the most favorable light.

Negotiation Skills 

When you are facing an audit, you are nervous. You do not want to say the wrong thing. We can present your position in logical and professional manner. Once the audit is complete, the IRS will give us an outline of its findings and the proposed results.

Let’s face it, dealing with a tax audit is not easy. A tax professional can assist you during the process and like anything else in life, there are no guarantees. However, you will increase your chances of success with a tax professional in your corner advocating on your behalf.

What to do next

  • Obtain receipts that support the tax deductions you took for the years in question.
  • Get cancelled checks that document the deductions.
  • Contact a tax attorney  that deals with IRS tax problems on a regular basis. Having a professional advocating on your behalf increases the chances of resolving your tax audit favorably. Also, it allows you to focus on the rest of your life while your advocate deals with the paperwork and phone calls from the IRS.


If you are looking for assistance with your IRS tax audit, contact Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli for a free phone consultation at (516) 620-5944.

Charles Rosselli, Esq.

Charles Rosselli, Esq., founder of the Tax Problem Law Center, is a New York tax attorney that focuses his tax law practice on helping individuals and businesses solve their IRS and NYS tax problems once and for all.

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