Tax Resolution Services Warning

tax resolution services

​You may be looking to hire a tax resolution services company to help you with an IRS or state tax debt. As a NY  tax attorney that handles tax problems on daily basis, too many of my clients come to me after paying thousands of dollars to a tax resolution company and being left in […]

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Tax Problem Help with the IRS

tax attorney

If you need tax problem help with the IRS, you have come to the right place. Here are some tax problems that individuals and small business routinely have and some helpful tips to solve your tax problems.If you require additional tax problem help after reading this article, tax attorney Charles Rosselli can assist in solve […]

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Answers to Your NYS Tax Warrant Questions

nys tax warrant

Perhaps you have received a NYS tax warrant in the mail or have questions about your New York State tax debt problems.Before you make the mistake of handling this difficult tax problem on your own, take the time the read this entire article on NYS tax warrants.The article answers the most common questions about a NYS tax […]

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IRS Revenue Officer Help

irs tax relief

You may have had a an IRS Revenue Officer show up either at your place of business or at your home. Your day has become a bad day. Why didn’t the IRS call first? Why did he show up at my business? This page explains some of the questions that you will likely have if […]

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IRS Tax Audit Help

irs tax audit

Have you been notified by the Internal Revenue Service that it will be auditing your income tax returns? Audits can be an intimidating experience but you do have rights. One of those rights is to hire a tax attorney to represent you during the process. We can help. Why is your tax return being singled […]

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IRS Wage Garnishment Help & FAQs

An IRS wage garnishment can cripple your finances. Whether you live in New York or some other high cost of living state, you depend on your paycheck being there like clockwork. You’ve owed back taxes to the IRS but you’ve ignored them. One day, you go to work and your employer informs you that they […]

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10 New York State Tax Problem FAQs

new york state tax problem

If have a New York State tax problem or IRS problem, you may have questions about what the taxing authorities  can do to collect back taxes that you may owe and what your options are to resolve your tax problems. Experienced NY tax attorney Charles Rosselli answers the most  commonly asked questions about your New York […]

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