A Proven Track Record For Success

Review a few of the tax problem case results and negotiations that New York tax attorney Charles Rosselli has achieved for his clients through his extensive experience in dealing with the taxing authorities.

While these results are not guaranteed for every case (since every case is different and fact specific), they will provide insight on how having tax attorney Charles Rosselli working for you can make all the difference in getting the best possible result for your particular tax problem.

​IRS Debt of $240,452 Reduced to $40

Andrew C. had a tax liability of $240,452. ​

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was contacted by his spouse, who was pregnant at the time with their first child. She wanted to see if he could can help Andrew with this tax liability so that they could get their life back on track.

After a thorough review of his financials, tax attorney Charles Rosselli determined that he was a good candidate for an Offer in Compromise. ​

It took the IRS approximately 8 months to make a determination on this case. The Offer Specialist as well as her manager at the IRS reviewed this case and required additional documentation to support our position. 

After advocating our client's position tirelessly, the IRS agreed and reduced his liability of       $240,452 to $40. ​

Submitting an Offer in Compromise involves careful preparation; knowledge of the law; and most importantly advocacy by an experienced tax attorney, like Charles Rosselli of the Tax Problem Law Center.

IRS Debt of $31, 567 Reduced to $1461

A  business owner, Michael D., contacted us  because he had a back tax liability of $31, 567.

He was receiving threatening collection notices from the IRS. Tax attorney Charles Rosselli thoroughly reviewed his financials and determined that he was a viable candidate for an Offer in Compromise.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli advised the client of all of his options. When you hire the Tax Problem Law Center, you are hiring a tax law firm to solve your tax problems, once and for all.

Many of these so called tax resolution outfits that falsely promise tax settlements to clients (that ultimately get rejected ) because they “just fill out forms” without any knowledge of the tax code.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was successful in having the Internal Revenue Service reduce his client’s liability reduced from $31, 567 Reduced to $1461.00.

Retirement Funds of $95,000 Returned to Elderly Woman by the IRS

Sheila B., a retired elderly widow, was living on a modest pension and retirement funds from her many years of service to a local Long Island NY company.

Due to her multiple health issues, she placer her daughter as a joint account holder on her bank account so that her daughter could assist her with bill paying activities as well as possible emergencies.

Unbeknownst to our client, her daughter was experiencing back tax problems with IRS and her matter was assigned to an IRS Revenue Officer.

The Revenue Officer issued two bank levies on the account of Sheila B., which took $95,000 of her retirement savings.

Our client advised the IRS Revenue Officer that the funds in the account did not belong to her daughter but the IRS refused to return her retirement savings!

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli appealed the wrongful levy. He also advised the IRS that he prepared this case for the purposes of a civil action against the United States in a district court of the United States seeking the same relief as well as damages under IRC 7426(h) after we have exhausted all administrative remedies.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was successful in having the IRS issue the $95,000 of retirement savings back to our client after countless hours of dealing with the IRS during the appeals process and successfully advocating his client’s position under the tax law.

IRS Liability of $26,709 Reduced to $430​

Jennifer A. owed $26,709 to the IRS as a result of back taxes from tax years 2012, 2013, and 2014.​

Jennifer had a very high income at one time but a divorce as well as a change in her occupation resulted in a drastic decrease in her income as well as assets.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli prepared and filed an Offer in Compromise on her behalf. The IRS Offer Examiner assigned to the case did not believe that the taxpayer had such a drastic change in her financial circumstances (although we documented the offer accordingly).

The Offer Examiner assigned ​this case "to the field" to an Offer Specialist for further investigation. We had to fight vigorously for this taxpayer.  

Almost a year later, this case was approved by the offer specialist as well as the IRS manager assigned to this case. Jennifer A's liability was reduced to $430 after a hard fight with the IRS.

​Employee Relieved of Entire $76,973.92 NYS Sales Tax Liability of Employer 

Our client was a general manager at a local bar. During that time, the bar incurred a sales tax debt of  $76,973.92.

Our client was held by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance as a "responsible person"  for the sales tax debt. He was personally assessed the tax debt of the business.

He came to us for help in attempting to relieve him of the sales tax debt.

​We researched the tax law and investigated the matter. We obtained affidavits that showed that our client's  level of responsibility did not amount to a "responsible person" under the tax law during his period of employment.

We argued that under the tax law  the evidence showed that it would be inequitable to hold our client responsible for the sales tax debt.

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance agreed with our argument and relieved our client of the entire sales tax liability of $76,973.92.​

IRS Bank Levy Stopped

Ms. Fayette B. contacted us because she received a final notice from the Internal Revenue Service that is was levying her bank account due to a tax debt issue.

A bank is required to hold the funds of the account holder for 21 days before sending it to the IRS. We researched the account immediately and determined that we could stop the levy by filing a proper appeal in this particular situation.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was able to stop the IRS from taking the money in the client’s bank account and gave the client the time necessary to remedy her tax liability.

Navy Widow Gets Relieved of Entire IRS Liability

Suzanne A. came to see us as a result of a back tax liability that was created by her husband. Her husband served in the United States Navy and she was homemaker. They filed joint tax returns as many married people do.

However, she was unaware of the back tax liability that her husband had created. When her husband passed away, Suzanne A. was left with the tax bill! Needless to say, she was quite anxious.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was able to get the Internal Revenue Service to grant full relief of the tax debt through the innocent spouse provision of the tax law.

It was decided that our client did not owe the IRS anything.

Trust Fund Liability for Local Business Successfully Negotiated with IRS 

Our client, a local business owner, had a large trust fund liability with the Internal Revenue Service. This case was assigned to a Revenue Officer.

It is the job of the Revenue Officer to represent the interests of the IRS, not the taxpayer. This taxpayer understood that he needed a tax attorney on his side.

New York tax attorney Charles Rosselli fought vigorously for his client. Through countless negotiations over the course of a year and proper preparation, tax attorney Charles Rosselli was able to save this client from paying needless penalties as well as negotiate a payment terms that were in the best interests of his client, not the IRS.

Federal Tax Lien Withdrawn After a Tough Fight 

David C., a money manager in the New York area, had a tax liability with the IRS. As a result of the tax liability, the Internal Revenue Service filed a federal tax lien against him.

Given that he was a Registered Investment Advisor, the filing of a federal tax lien by the IRS had a direct affect on his license as well as his ability to procure money management business.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli appealed the filing of the federal tax lien and was successful in getting the federal tax lien withdrawn by the IRS.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli successfully presented the argument on appeal and presented evidence to show that the federal tax lien imposed a severe financial hardship on the taxpayer.

Further, he showed that the withdrawal of the federal tax lien facilitated the collection of the tax liability (IRC Section 6323 (j) (1) (C)).

Taxpayer With Multiple Years of Unfiled Tax Returns Avoids Prosecution

Brian E. , a self employed loan officer, hadn’t filed taxes in years.

He did some research online and learned that the failure to file a federal tax return is considered a crime under Internal Revenue Code 7203.

He also learned that the failure to a New York State tax return is also considered a crime.

Brian E. didn’t maintain good records but wanted to get back “into the system.” Most importantly, he didn’t want to go to jail. He also researched that conversations with accountants are not covered by attorney - client privilege.

Like so many of his clients, tax attorney Charles Rosselli was able to get multiple years of income tax returns prepared for the client and protect the client’s interests throughout the process.

When it was all completed, Brian E. breathed a sigh of relief. He was able to get his life back on track and within a year, was able to finally buy a house.

NY Married Couple Gets Tax Liability Reduced to $100

A young couple from Queens, NY, Andres and Ilena R. had three young children to support.

The couple had incurred an income tax liability with the IRS and with only one income, was difficult for them to overcome an IRS tax liability, especially with the interest and penalties.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli analyzed all of their resolution options after a careful analysis of their account transcripts as well as a detailed review of their financials. In this particular tax case, an offer in compromise was a viable option.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was able to reduce the overall tax liability Andres and Ilena R. to $100 through a successful Offer in Compromise.

However, Mr. Rosselli is the first to point out that every tax problem case is fact specific and it is important that you get an assessment from an experienced New York tax attorney to determine the best resolution option for you.

IRS Wage Garnishment Stopped & Partial Payment Installment Plan Negotiated 

Kenneth L. and Darlyne S. had multiple tax problems.

The married couple were subject to an IRS wage garnishment because they had ignored their tax problems for quite some time. Also, they had not filed their income tax returns for over 10 years.

What they soon realized is that the IRS never forgets.

They were relying upon one income to pay the mortgage and support the household and the majority of that income was going to be subject to an ongoing wage garnishment by the federal government.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli was able to stop the IRS wage garnishment.

He also reviewed the specifics of their situation and was able to establish a properly structured partial pay installment agreement after coordinating preparation of the necessary income tax returns.

The clients will end up paying the IRS only a portion of the tax debt over the Statute of Limitations. In essence, the client’s liabilities were reduced.

The Solution to Your Tax Problem Case

There is no cookie cutter solution to a tax liability. We know that the commercials all over the internet, radio, and television sound appealing. However, the majority are misleading and many of our clients have been burned by these tax resolution salespeople.

It shocks many of our clients to learn that the so-called "tax consultant" that you are speaking to is receiving a commission of whatever he or she sells you. Of course, they are going to tell you what you want to hear every time!

Great tax problem case results are possible. However, a strategy for your tax problem must be tailored to the specifics of your situation.

When you hire tax attorney Charles Rosselli, you are hiring the Tax Problem Law Center to protect you ; to fight vigorously for you; and to obtain the best possible resolution allowable under the law. You are hiring a tax attorney to resolve your tax problems, once and for all.